June 15, 2024

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Qatar has reportedly threatened to expel Hamas

Qatar has reportedly threatened to expel Hamas

The US is making another diplomatic push for a ceasefire in the Gaza war. Foreign Secretary Antony Blinken will visit Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Qatar between Monday and Wednesday next week, his ministry announced on Friday (local time). US President Joe Biden’s plan to end the conflict in Gaza will be discussed. Neither Israel nor Hamas have yet agreed to a multi-phase plan, according to reports.

International pressure on the two warring parties to accept the proposal for a treaty has grown steadily recently. In addition to ending hostilities and freeing all hostages held by the Islamists, the draft proposed by Biden also plans to rebuild a coastal region dominated by the terrorist organization and badly damaged by Israeli strikes.

Report: Qatar threatens to expel Hamas

According to media reports, the US government has been pressuring the leadership of the Gulf state of Qatar in particular for months to make it clear to Hamas that its representatives must leave the emirate if they do not accept the plan. Now Qatar has “actually made this threat,” US news channel CNN reported, citing a US government official. There is no official confirmation for this.

The Hamas Politburo is based in Qatar. Its leader, Ismail Haniya, is considered the main leader of Hamas, while Jihia al-Shinwar leads the terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip. The Politburo is considered the highest decision-making body and consists of 15 members.

Blinken will discuss with partners in the region the need to seal the ceasefire agreement, thereby ensuring the release of all hostages, Washington. For weeks, Qatar, the United States and Egypt have been brokering a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and a hostage exchange in the Gaza Strip for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that Al-Sinwar rejected a deal with Israel that would also have provided for the disarmament of its fighters.

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The Israeli army attacked the school grounds again

UN calls for action against Hamas militants Israel’s military said it struck again on Friday the grounds of a school run by the Palestinian relief agency UNRWA. Members of the terrorist organization used a container in the school grounds of al-Shaadi refugee camp in the northern part of the coastal region as a meeting point for their operations. They also planned to attack there. Several terrorists were killed in the airstrike. The Army did not give a number.

Army information is difficult to verify. Eyewitnesses confirmed the Israeli attack on the container to a German press agency. Many deaths occurred. There were no initial reports of civilian casualties.

Israel’s armed forces again accused the terrorist organization of “systematically, deliberately and strategically placing its infrastructure in civilian areas”. This is a violation of international law as it endangers civilian lives.

Israel: 17 terrorists killed in school building

On Thursday, the Israeli army attacked a school building in the Gaza Strip where 20 to 30 terrorists were staying. The next day, 17 militants were said to have been killed. At least 30 people, including women and children, were killed, according to Palestinian officials. Hamas said 40 people were killed. As is often the case in the current war, this information could not be independently verified by either warring party. The US demanded a full explanation from Israel for the attack.

Since the war began in October, many internally displaced people have sought refuge in UN schools – and in the hope that Israel’s military will not specifically attack UN buildings in general.

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Saturday is what matters

Israeli War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz is scheduled to make a statement to reporters Saturday evening. He may announce his resignation from the government. Gantz had earlier given Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a deadline of June 8 to present a plan for a post-war order, or threatened to withdraw.

As an opposition politician, Kantz joined the government after the October 7 assassination to send a signal of unity. Terrorists from Hamas and other extremist groups entered Israel from the Gaza Strip, killing more than 1,200 people and taking more than 250 hostages. (cst/sda/dpa)

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