July 23, 2024

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Putin’s army wanted to blow up his mercenaries

Putin’s army wanted to blow up his mercenaries

Head of Prigogine’s controversial Wagner private army. In a Telegram message, he revealed that his men had found various explosive devices at 12 locations. They contained hundreds of anti-tank mines.

When asked the officials, they said that they followed the orders of the higher authorities. The regular army operates under the command of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The cache of ammunition indicates that Wagner is for mercenaries. “We consider this an attempt to publicly punish us,” explains Prigogine, according to “Build.”

There has been no official statement from the Ministry of Defense to comment on these allegations. However, they could worsen the already strained relationship between the private military and the Russian Defense Ministry.

The background to this power struggle lies in Prigozhin’s repeated accusations. He says Moscow is deliberately delaying the delivery of much-needed munitions.

He is said to have political aspirations. So he must blame the leadership of the regular army for the bad course of the war.

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