June 15, 2024

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Police officer (†29) criticized after Mannheim attack

Police officer (†29) criticized after Mannheim attack

After the knife attack in Mannheim (D), criticism of the police is coming from various corners – including the slain officer. It causes rage.

A man stabbed several people at a rally in Mannheim (D) on Friday. – Screenshot X

The essentials in a nutshell

  • A journalist criticizes last week’s deadly police operation in Mannheim.
  • He believes police officers were ill-prepared for the move.
  • The internet is full of right-wing criticism and hate. It causes rage.

Journalist Anna Lehmann describes police action on knife attack in Mannheim (D) as “amateur.” “That’s how he affected me,” says host Markus Lance on ZDF talk show.

About what happened last Friday in the Mannheim market square broadcast on Tuesday evening: Late in the morning there was a demonstration of the anti-Islamic civil movement Pax Europa.

Journalist Anna Lehmann on the ZDF talk show hosted by Markus Lance. – ZDF / Markus Lance

During the rally, a man stabbed demonstrators and police officers. Several others were injured, including 29-year-old police officer Reuven L.

The officer succumbed to his injuries on Sunday. His death shocked the professional environment of the police and German national borders.

“Reuven did everything right”

Anna Lehmann criticizes the show that the police operation was poorly planned. “How can a group of Islamic critics spread their slogans in a city with a migrant population? It’s not properly protected.”

She does not deny that the police were there, and one officer even had to sacrifice his own life, but she says: “Police officers could have been prepared differently for the operation.” Lehmann received harsh criticism from CDU politician Thorsten Frey for his statement. He accuses her of “criminal-victim inversion.”

The victim’s colleagues also sided with Reuven El and his colleagues. “Reuven did nothing wrong,” a police official insisted to Die Zeit, for example. She knew him personally.

“He did everything right and intervened.” Lehmann was not the first to criticize the police—L. He came to personal attention immediately after the crime, especially in right-wing circles.

Accusation: He focused on the wrong thing, i.e. a folder. You can see him kneeling on the video. Meanwhile, the killer pounces on him and stabs him in the neck. The film matches the story on the right – a police officer tracks down the wrong man when the real killer keeps striking.

The footage sparked outrage and criticism, angering the police officer: “Whatever Facebook, Instagram users call it, sit on the couch and watch it for eight seconds. One, two, three, four… now they think they can assess the situation?”

A police officer (†29) held folders for attackers

Experts also defended L. Weapons expert Lars Winkelsdorff told “Stern” that this interpretation — that the police officer was focusing on the wrong person — is wrong.

Because the situation was chaotic. In the video L. At that point it looked like it was attacking a police officer.

A large number of people showered flowers to pay tribute to the deceased police officer Reuven L. – Keystone

Police Officer Reuven L. “Focus” reports that he made it his life’s work to save people. That’s what he tried to stop the puncher, until his last mission.