April 19, 2024

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Olympic ice figure champion Roman Kostomaro (46) is recovering from a coma.

Olympic ice figure champion Roman Kostomaro (46) is recovering from a coma.

Coma and disability

Olympic champion Roman Kostomaro (46) learns to sit again after eating

The figure skater’s fate of horror went worldwide. He lost an arm and both legs and spent months in the hospital in a coma. Now he seems to be out of danger.


Roman Kostomaro (46) wakes up from induced coma.


  • 2006 Russian Olympic Figure Skating Champion Roman Kostomaro suffered from severe pneumonia.

  • To save his life, his legs and left arm were amputated.

  • His breathing is now independent and he is learning to eat and sit up.

Roman Kostomarov seems to have won the fight of his life. According to Russian media, the Russian figure skater has finally recovered after her fate went around the world.

A few days ago, the 46-year-old was weaned from ventilators. His breathing is independent and he is fully conscious. Slowly Learn to repeat things, which is common to most people. So he learns to chew and swallow again, “Sport Express” reports. He is learning to sit again, but still needs support.

Multiple amputations – No further surgeries are planned at this time

On January 10, the figure skater was admitted to a Moscow clinic. What initially seemed manageable turned out to be a covid infection Severe pneumonia. Massive circulatory disturbances, gangrene and dying tissue were included.

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Doctors treating him amputated his left arm and leg to save him. Since then, the 46-year-old has suffered multiple brain bleeds, two strokes, meningitis and multiple brain swellings. According to Russian news agency RIA Novosti, doctors treating him have estimated his chances of survival at 50 percent.

No further surgeries or amputations are currently necessary. However, Kostomarov will need medical treatment for a few more weeks because of blood poisoning and the risk of organ failure after taking all the drugs.

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