June 13, 2024

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Nottingham UK: Three killed and many injured

Nottingham UK: Three killed and many injured

Three people died

This video aims to show the Nottingham criminal

The accused stabbed two 19-year-old students on Tuesday. He then kills a security guard and drives his car into a crowd of people.


After the drastic action, the culprit wanted to enter the nursing home.

  • A gruesome and bloody crime took place in Nottingham, England on Tuesday.

  • Three people were killed and many others were injured, some seriously.

  • Police are still investigating the motive of the accused.

Investigators in Nottingham on Wednesday gathered more details about a fatal knife attack and a suspected car attack on pedestrians. The BBC and other British media have reported that the 31-year-old suspect is from West Africa, has lived in England for several years and has no criminal record. According to the police, he acted alone. His motive is still unclear. His mental health was also examined.

And so it happened

was with the accused A woman and a student were stabbed Tuesday morning, both 19 years old. Then, according to police, he killed a 65-year-old school janitor about a mile from the scene of the first crime, stole his car and drove it into a group of pedestrians. He injured three people. One of them was in critical condition. The anti-terrorist police were investigating.

No terrorist act was committed

However, Home Secretary Suella Braverman reiterated that the act was not classified as an act of terrorism. Braverman told the House of Commons that police were “working flat-out to clarify the whole matter and provide support to all those affected”. After attacking the students, the accused tried to enter the nursing home but was stopped by the residents, police said.

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Worship service in Nottingham

A number of students from the University of Nottingham attended the memorial service. Friends and relatives remembered the sporting passion of the deceased classmate. “Absolute shock is not enough to describe our pain and loss at the senseless killing of our son,” the 19-year-old’s family said. The slain caretaker’s son said his father was about to retire and teach underprivileged children to fish.

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