June 15, 2024

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Miley is celebrated like a rock star in Spain – and causes a scandal

Miley is celebrated like a rock star in Spain – and causes a scandal

Argentine President Javier Mille gestures during a speech on stage during the “Europa Viva 24” rally of Spanish far-right party Vox.Build: Keystone

Ultra-liberal Argentine President Javier Milei was particularly ecstatic at a campaign event organized by Spain’s right-wing populists (Vox) for the European elections. With his much-celebrated speech, the 53-year-old caused a scandal in Madrid on Sunday. He has been fiercely critical of Spain’s left-wing government and has described Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s wife Becona Gómez as “corrupt”. Miley didn’t mention Gomez by name, but the hint was clear. It wasn’t long before the Spanish government responded. He recalled his ambassador to Buenos Aires in Madrid for consultation and for an “indefinite period”.

In announcing the move, Foreign Minister José Manuel Alvarez spoke of “a frontal attack on our democracy, our institutions and Spain.” “Insulting the sitting president of Spain and the Spanish prime minister during a visit to Spain is unacceptable,” Alvarez said.

Miley previously thrilled some 11,000 attendees from Europe, America and Latin America with his speech in Madrid. You should say, “Don’t do that damned and cancerous socialism.” Socialism “leads to slavery or death,” shouted a guest speaker who described himself as an “anarcho capitalist” and that social justice was “always unjust.” Milei was celebrated like a “rock star”, the newspaper “El Mundo” and other media described the atmosphere at the Palacio de Vistalegre. As Argentina performed, the crowd chanted “Freedom, Freedom” over and over again. “Thank you so much, Javier Mille, for the terror you terrorize the left of the West,” said Vox president Santiago Abascal.

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Among the participants were a number of high-profile right-wing, right-wing populist and national-conservative politicians, including Marine Le Pen of France’s Rallye Nationale party, Portugal’s André Ventura, Chile’s José Antonio Cast and Israeli Minister For Social Equality, Amichai Sigli.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni joined in with a speech via video and was loudly celebrated. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán sent a message in which he described the June 6-9 elections to the European Parliament as “a great common struggle” against a Europe that promotes “mass illegal migration” and “poisoning our children with gender propaganda”. (hkl/sda/dpa)

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