June 22, 2024

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“Legging Legs”: TikTok bans body-shaming trend

“Legging legs” is a new body-shaming trend that focuses on particularly skinny legs in leggings.

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“Legging Legs”Now TikTok has banned the latest body shaming trend

TikTok puts an end to the “legging legs” trend. Videos in the title are now banned on the platform.

Selena Euchner

Thin legs and a big gap between the thighs: this is what “legging legs” look like – at least according to some Tiktok users. Now the platform has banned the hashtag #legginglegs to put an end to the body shaming trend.

Instead of videos about skinny legs, a warning will now appear on Tik Tok.

Instead of videos about skinny legs, a warning will now appear on Tik Tok.


Instead of videos of skinny legs, you'll get tips on eating disorders. “You are not alone,” it says. It continues: “If you're going through a tough time or know someone who is going through a tough time, remember: Help is always there.” There is another link with information about eating disorders.

This is what “Legging Legs” means

The trend refers to slender legs presented in tight leggings with a gap between the thighs. The Tenor: Slender legs with thigh gap are especially beautiful.

Thigh gap is not possible for everyone

According to experts, a gap between the thighs is not possible for everyone. The width of your hips and the anatomy of your body play a role in whether or not such a gap exists.

The goal of losing weight and getting a thigh gap is not realistic for many people.

Individual videos have already received tens of millions of views. Numerous videos have been uploaded to the app by young women who are jealous of other people's perfect “leggings”.

A lot of headwinds to the body shaming trend

But a resistance movement quickly grew. Holly Esler, a therapist, commented in one of the videos: “It's disgusting. Don't let social media tell you that your body is a trend. Also: “When you get fit and wear leggings, you have leggings legs. Wear leggings, be proud, be confident. You have leggings on.”

Nutritionist Catherine Kofot comments in a video: “Many girls I knew in high school developed eating disorders because they were trying to get a thigh gap.”

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