May 26, 2024

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Jordan's role – Jordan defends its airspace and is therefore in trouble – news

Jordan's role – Jordan defends its airspace and is therefore in trouble – news

That night the Israeli Air Force not only shot down Iranian missiles but also shot down the Jordanian Air Force. Jordan and Iraq are in direct line between Iran and Israel. Both airstrips were closed overnight. Jordan also shot down Iranian missiles and drones that could land the kingdom in trouble.

The sky over the Jordanian capital Amman was bright at times during the night. Repeated light beams can be seen colliding with each other. Air defense systems of the Jordanian army intercepted some Iranian missiles.

Iran warns: Jordan itself could become a target

On the outskirts of Amman, residents photographed the black, crashed rocket site. These posts were shared on social media today.


Overnight, parts of the crashed drone circulated on social media.


Iran warned Jordan last night not to interfere. According to the Iranian news agency Fars News, the Iranian Armed Forces are closely monitoring the Jordanian Air Force's movements. It was said that if Jordan interfered, the kingdom would make itself a target.

Amman defies tradition

Iran warned Jordan of a “punitive strike” against Israel so the kingdom could take security precautions. In fact, Jordanian airspace was closed from 11pm that night. This morning was reversed.

Jordan broke with tradition, intercepting Iran's missiles and threats. When Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein fired rockets at Israel over Jordanian territory in 1991, then-Jordanian King Hussein did not intervene. Today, the Jordanian government justified its interception by saying it wanted to protect its own people. The Jordanian prime minister later doubled down, saying further escalation in the region would lead to “dangerous paths”.

A segment of the population may interpret air defense as Israel's defense

But even if the Jordanian intervention is primarily intended to protect its own people, it will face criticism. A large portion of the Jordanian population has Palestinian roots and may interpret the air defense as a defense against its unloved neighbor, Israel.

The Kingdom of Jordan may have gone a little closer to Israel tonight. Much to the dismay of Iran and its other neighbors in the region – and of course to the consternation of its vast Palestinian population.

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