April 15, 2024

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Italy: She-Bear Kills the Joker

Italy: She-Bear Kills the Joker


It is now clear which bear killed Andrea B (26).

Today the public prosecutor’s office in Trento is the young Italian Andrea B. (26) declared the “culprit” responsible for the death: it was the bear JJ4, also known as “Gaia”. She is the sister of the already shot bear “Bruno”.


The bear “Gaia” was captured in 2020, fitted with a tracking device and released again.


  • A week ago, jogger Andrea B. was fatally mauled by a bear.

  • B. He was jogging in the northern Italian province of Trento.

  • A post-mortem examination revealed that the bear “Gia” was the cause of her death.

A tragedy happened last Wednesday in Val di Sole, northern Italy: 26-year-old Andrea B. He was going out jogging – he didn’t come back. His body was found by Italian police, including a dog unit, on Wednesday night. It soon became clear that the young Italian was from a country The bears were killed – or a bear. This is the result of analysis of DNA traces on his corpse. The “culprit” bear is JJ4, also known as “Gaia”, reports the “Bild” newspaper. She is the 17-year-old sister of “Bruno” the bear who was shot down in Bavaria in 2006.

“Gaia” is now allowed to launch

Now it is clear: Gaia does not have long to live. After analysis of DNA traces, the Italian government released the bear to be shot. earlier Gaia became “clear” three years ago: In June 2020, a hunter attacked Christian Misseroni (61) and his son because he wanted to protect his cubs. Two escaped with serious injuries. Kia has actually been wearing a radio collar since then, but it hasn’t sent a signal in over a year. Previously, the position of the bear could be monitored on the Internet in order to avoid it as much as possible.

Bear and man – a difficult relationship

As the brown bear was considered almost completely extinct by the end of the 20th century, Italy’s Adamello-Brenda Nature Park initiated an EU-revival plan in the mid-1990s. Life is the Ursus. In this case, ten bears from Slovenia were released in the Trentino Nature Park, including Bruno and Gaia’s parents Jos and Jurka. Since its release, the population has grown rapidly, but incidents continue.

Some bears are not afraid of people and will attack if they or their cubs are threatened. Additionally, bears often eat farm animals such as goats or chickens in search of food. A multi-stage “management plan” is intended to prevent this – for example using electric fences or scaring the animals with rubber bullets. Shooting is the ultimate rate and is only allowed when bears attack humans. Andrea B. is the only person seriously injured by a bear since the project began.

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