July 24, 2024

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Italy: Mourning for woman who died after falling down elevator shaft


ItalyClelia (25) dies after falling down lift shaft – “She had so many dreams”

Clelia Ditano from Italy fell down the lift shaft and died at the scene. Her parents could not believe the tragedy.

Karin Ludold
  • A 25-year-old woman from southern Italy, Clelia Ditano, died after falling in an elevator.

  • Firefighters found her body on the roof of the elevator cabin, which was stuck on the first floor.

  • His death raises many questions and his family and followers mourn him.

Clelia Ditano’s death raises many questions: A 25-year-old woman from Fasano, southern Italy, fell to her death in the building’s elevator shaft early Monday morning. Clelia was on the fourth floor and called the elevator – but when she opened the door, she fell into the void. She died on the spot of the accident.

The fire department was able to recover Clelia’s body after a few hours, broadcaster Rai1 reported. She was lying on the roof of an elevator cabin trapped on the first floor of a building in the Arca social housing complex on Via Saragat. Her parents, with whom Clelia still lived, raised the alarm.

Dad heard a cell phone buzz in the elevator

Her father could not believe the tragedy: “She was a happy young woman. She had a lot of dreams and she wanted to get her driver’s license as soon as possible so that she could be a little more independent. And definitely get married at some point. Now these dreams have been shattered,” says Giuseppe DiTano.

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The father continues that it has never happened that the elevator stopped at the right floor. “We tried to call her on her cell phone this morning when she wasn’t home and found the device in the elevator shaft. I knew right away something was up.”

Clelia Ditano (25) died after falling in an elevator.

Clelia Ditano (25) died after falling in an elevator.


Insta followers mourn Clelia

Clelia was very active on social media. Many of his 6,200 Insta followers are mourning the 25-year-old. “It shouldn’t have happened, make all your dreams come true, find the family you love and find true love,” commented one: “Dance and have fun as always,” wished another. .

A few hours before the accident, Clelia posted a photo on social media in which she was optimistic about the future. “What’s to come,” she wrote. Now her words have a bitter taste.

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