June 13, 2024

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In the next few days you can see the northern lights

Northern lights may appear in the sky in the coming days – even in Switzerland. This is due to a strong solar flare.

Briefly essential

  • Over the next few days, unusual northern lights were seen in Central Europe.
  • It is associated with sunlight that can disrupt navigation.

As NASA, the US space agency And the meteorological agency NOAA announced on Thursday that the eruption could be sent Energy But Adverse effects To. Radiation does not harm people. But “if it is serious enough, GPS and communication signals will disrupt the atmosphere in the transmitted layer”. Explained NASA.

Northern lights can only be seen in good weather

Auroras are unusual in Central Europe and the United States. This is because high-energy particles illuminate certain atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere. However, to see the event, one has to do it too Weather Play together.

Solar flares are sudden bursts of radiation In our core star, large amounts of high energy particles are often thrown into space. If such a solar storm strikes Earth, Which could have serious consequences for satellites, communications and energy distribution systems.

The eruption on Thursday was classified as strong class “X”, but only given a low class “1”. After explaining NASA An explosion with X2 strength is twice as strong as it is now. Only ten times stronger than the X10, the space company is talking about an “unusually intense” explosion.

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