June 22, 2024

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Hotel millionaire († 33) died after marriage

A millionaire († 33) died shortly after marrying a model (29). A friend wrote on Facebook that he had a heart attack.

Briefly essential

  • In London, a millionaire collapsed and died.
  • The model he married two weeks ago says his heart is broken.
  • That person became rich as the founder and chairman of a hotel company.

A death Raises questions in the UK: Multi-millionaire Vivek Saada († 33) fainted and died in London on Sunday. According to the Daily Mail, he was spotted at a nightclub the night before.

Saada is the founder and chairman of Nine Group, which owns several hotels and properties in the UK. According to a source in the Daily Mail, Sathas has no known health problems.

Just two months ago, he married model beauty Stuti Saada (29) in a grand ceremony. Then the bride and groom celebrated a week with friends and family. Her heart was broken, the widow said. She was in shock and now wants to miss it Love To deal with their lives.

The autopsy is now to solve the mystery Dot Wisdom by Vivek Saada. The source comes from something natural Dot Absolutely. On Facebook The user who plays Vivek Sadas’ friend writes that he is a millionaire Died of a heart attack May be.

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