July 23, 2024

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German paroled after cocaine smuggling

German paroled after cocaine smuggling

A German beer gardener was arrested in Bali in 2014 for smuggling cocaine. He will be released on parole on Wednesday.

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Hans-Peter “Patrick” Naumann will be released in Bali tomorrow – after almost ten years in prison. The now 57-year-old smuggled cocaine to the Indonesian island in 2014 and was arrested at the airport. Now he is out on parole just like them Build reported.

Naumann tried his luck as a ballerman singer in Mallorca in the 90s. In 2014 he moved to Thailand and opened a beer garden in Pattaya, popular among tourists. That same year he wanted to go on holiday to Bali. There an acquaintance found him free accommodation.

Nauman describes the incident to “Bild” as follows: the evening before departure, the two of them were drinking when the acquaintance suddenly pulled out a pistol, forcing Nauman to smuggle 328 grams of cocaine to Bali. He then swallowed ten cocaine capsules and shoved another 14 up his butt. But on the flight he felt pain – he took out the capsules and hid them in his underwear. Upon landing, he was immediately escorted, stripped of his clothes, and captured.

Indonesia, which includes Bali, can impose the death penalty for drug trafficking. Nauman was spared this, but was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Now he is being released on parole after ten years.

Daily life in prison

In prison, Nauman was housed in a 35 square meter cell with 26 other inmates. He told the German “Bild”:

The prison houses 1,400 inmates, nearly 80 percent of whom are convicted of drug trafficking.

In 2023, Nauman married an Indonesian woman. It is necessary, otherwise he will not be released on parole. He must first stay in Indonesia for a year and then he can return to Germany.


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