July 20, 2024

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Garbage Run: A scrap rally passes through Switzerland


Carbage Run 2024“Mega freak”: Scrap metal rally moves through Switzerland

The Garbage Run went through Switzerland on Tuesday. He caused a stir in Lyss BE.

Lucas Orellano

This is what it was like running a carriage through Switzerland.

20 min/News-Scout

  • The fourth winter edition of the Carbage Run across Europe is currently underway.

  • A wild and somewhat illegally decorated entourage marched through Switzerland on Tuesday.

  • We continue through Italy, France, Andorra and Spain.

“The ultimate road trip with a rusty arbor through the snow. Seven countries in five days,” the “Carbage Run” is being advertised on websites across Europe.

On Tuesday, the strange convoy crossed Switzerland and caused a stir, especially in Lyss BE. Several news scouts sent pictures and videos of the rally.

“When the horn sounded, we went out.”

“It was incredibly strange,” says Hanu (18), who was in vocational school when the street scene began. “I had never heard of it before, but when the horn sounded we went out to see.”

Hanu began to address the Carbage Run participants: “Except for the drivers, most of them had already had a few beers.” In addition, according to Hanu, participants have to solve additional tasks.

Teddy bears, sirens, dildos

“Today they had to melt a fondue in the car,” he says. “That was a bit of a waste.” Some vehicles may be on the edge of illegality or beyond: “I saw cars that were overloaded and sometimes skis or snowboards that weren't stacked properly.”

“They were screaming like crazy,” says another news scout, LR. “Almost all the cars were decorated, had something on the roof or were full of stickers.” There were sirens, spinning lights, flashing lights, work lights, air horns, teddy bears, a rocket, oversized eyebrows, a red nose and a dildo to see and hear.

“Basically, I think it's a mega-creative idea,” he continues. “On the other hand, you have to add unnecessary policing that we pay for with our taxes.”

As news scouts say and pictures confirm, Bern cantonal police arrived at the scene and searched various vehicles. When asked by 20 Minutes on Tuesday afternoon, the police could not provide more precise information.

According to the Carbage Run website, the ride is the 2024 winter edition. The rally is organized from Germany, and the Dutch, Danes and Swedes also participate in this edition. Monday started in Belgium.

Cars are valued at a maximum of 1000 euros

The route leads – without motorways if possible – through France, Switzerland, Italy, France, Andorra and Spain back to France. Destination Toulouse.

There are restrictions on participants: only cars with a current value of less than 1000 euros and at least 20 years old are allowed to participate. It should be noted that vehicles must meet all legal requirements.

“We challenge you not to show up at the starting point with any random litter box,” it continues. “Use your hidden talents and unlimited creativity to transform your car into the most extraordinary vehicle.”

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