June 22, 2024

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France: Emile (2) missing – bird of prey caught him?

France: Emile (2) missing – bird of prey caught him?


Emile (2) has been missing for six days – has a bird caught him?

There was no sign of Emile in France for almost a week. Investigators have not ruled out that the boy fell victim to an animal.


  • On July 8, 2023, two-year-old Emile went missing in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department of France.

  • Authorities called off their search Thursday after finding no leads.

  • He may have gone missing as a result of an accident, crime or attack by a bird of prey.

Looking for that for six days Two-year-old Emile went missing in southern France, and investigators have not ruled out an animal connection to the disappearance. An attack by a bird of prey is conceivable, BFMTV broadcaster reported on Friday, citing the public prosecutor. According to the authority, other hypotheses include an accident, crime or A family affair before disappearing. The boy went missing in Le Vernet, a town of 125 people, on Saturday evening last week. Despite an intensive search, no trace of the boy was found.

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In a remote mountain village, residents speculate about a wolf attack. However, it is very rare for wolves to attack humans. A last-ditch search by around 50 police officers in the area around the city ended on Thursday evening. Mayor François Paulique banned outsiders from entering the site until Monday evening to protect the boy’s family and residents. Disaster tourism should also be banned. As the mayor of “Le Figaro” newspaper said, he could imagine a traffic accident, after which the driver called the boy in a panic.

Meyer rejects family involvement

The boy was on vacation with his grandparents in town when they went missing on Saturday evening. Some other relatives were staying with the grandparents at that time. The mayor told “Figaro” that he ruled out the possibility that the family had anything to do with the disappearance. Investigators are currently focusing on interviewing people who may have leads The fate of the boy can provide. The chance of survival without food and drink is very slim now.

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