July 24, 2024

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Eased Ireland: The teacher left in a wheelchair on the runway


Northern IrelandEasyJet leaves wheelchair passenger (73) at airport

Wheelchair author Liz Weir was due to travel to Edinburgh to appear as a guest speaker. Instead, she was alone on the tarmac.

The Bollman Challenge
  • A writer from Northern Ireland was left on the tarmac in Belfast.

  • Although he checked in early for the flight, as a wheelchair user, he took advantage of the special care service.

  • Easyjet apologized for the incident and announced an investigation.

Liz Weir, a writer and storyteller from Cushendaal, Northern Ireland, accuses easyJet of discrimination: the 73-year-old was left in a wheelchair on the tarmac at Belfast International Airport, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

Left on the runway

Weir was due to be a guest speaker at a literary event in Edinburgh. Despite pre-checking the flight and using a special assistance service, he was standing on the tarmac as the flight took off with his luggage.

Weir said a woman in high-visibility clothing walked her and another wheelchair user onto the tarmac as passengers began to board at the gate. After everyone boarded, the plane took off without them. They waved and called the pilot, who nodded and took off. Weir described the situation as discriminatory and very stressful. He insisted that he had a heart condition and could not use stress.

He missed the performance

The author says he spent a large part of the day in tears. He was particularly upset that participants who had paid for his announced appearance were disappointed. The woman was later rebooked on the flight so she could fulfill her weekend plans and attend another event in Glasgow.

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Easyjet said it contacted the support service provider and the ground handling team to clarify the incident. The well-being of customers is a high priority and we deeply regret any inconvenience caused. Weir is seeking compensation for inconvenience, stress and loss of earnings. She wants to talk to the pilot who left her.

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