April 15, 2024

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Criticism of Pope after statement on “white flag”


The Ukrainian WarCriticism of Pope after statement on “white flag”

Pope Francis I got into trouble for his statement about the war in Ukraine: he spoke of a “white flag” – for which Ukraine angers him.

Pope Francis in an important interview about RSI.

  • Pope Francis gave an interview to Swiss TV RSI.

  • In it, he commented on the war in Ukraine and called for talks.

  • He caused such a storm with the term “white flag” that the Vatican was forced to clarify.

Pope Francis has called for talks to end the war in Ukraine — and made a big mistake. “When you see that you are defeated, when you see that things are not going well, it takes courage to negotiate,” the pope said in a statement released by Schweizer on Saturday. Sender of RSI Published interview. “Don't be shy to negotiate before things get worse,” he added.

He opined that strength is shown by “those who understand the situation, think about the people, raise the white flag and have the courage to negotiate”. Several actors, including Turkey, are mediators.

Did you get the word wrong?

The journalist first introduced the image of the white flag, which negotiators carry before them in battles, but Francis accepted the term with gratitude. The white flag or flag is often used as a symbol A surrender was used. That is what upset the people of Ukraine.

“The Pope did not call to protect Ukraine, nor did he condemn Russia as an aggressor who is killing tens of thousands of people,” former MP and deputy interior minister Anton Gerashchenko wrote in X. “If Pope Francis had been alive in 1940, he would have recommended that the British surrender, lay down their arms to Germany and negotiate with Hitler.”

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The Pope described it as “little faith”.

Oleksandr Sherpa, the former Ukrainian ambassador to Austria, called the Pope a “little believer,” using a word from the Bible. Kyiv officials have yet to comment. Previous statements by the pope have already given Ukrainians the impression that Francis is more understanding of Russia than their embattled country.

“To compensate for this, how to inspire Putin to have the courage to withdraw his army from Ukraine? Peace will come immediately without the need for negotiations,” Poland's foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski wrote in X. The Pope is giving Russian President Vladimir Putin a “blueprint for further action,” CDU foreign policy expert Roderich Kieswetter wrote.

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni later explained in a statement published by Vatican News that Francis spoke of the “white flag” as “signifying a ceasefire, a ceasefire achieved with the courage to negotiate.” He repeated the Pope's call for a “diplomatic solution for a just and lasting peace” in Ukraine.

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