April 15, 2024

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Contingency planning for gas and electricity is inadequate

Andre Dosé criticizes the Federal Council’s gas emergency plan

“You don’t realize how dangerous the situation is”

André Dosé, president of Swissgas and the Mittelland gas network, criticizes the Federal Council. The former Swiss CEO says in an interview that his emergency plans for gas and electricity are not working because of the war in Ukraine.

Published: 7:39 pm


Updated: 7:50 pm

He is the ultimate crisis manager. André Doss (65) is the first Swiss CEO since Swissair was founded. He took over the leadership of the Grasshoppers Club when the field was almost non-existent. Now, as head of Swissgas and the Mittelland gas network, he is maneuvering through the energy crisis at the forefront. “Actually: we are currently experiencing a major crisis in the energy market. I can undoubtedly benefit from my experience in such situations,” he says. Dose in an interview for the online edition of “NZZ”.

Crisis manager slams state government for not working emergency planning for gas and electricity One is too slow, “creating completely oversized companies and too slow. “The nice Swiss approach of basing all decisions on as broad a base as possible, then doesn’t work.”