July 23, 2024

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Container traffic jams in the United States “getting worse every day”

Container traffic jams in the United States “getting worse every day”

The cargo is parked in front of the United States. The problem is empty containers that cannot be stacked. Currently, the ports are open 24 hours a day.

Briefly essential

  • Cargo ships pile up in front of ports in California.
  • The problem is caused by empty containers that need to be stored in trucks.
  • To save the Christmas business, people can now work 24 hours a day.

About 100 cargo ships, each carrying 24,000 containers, are anchored in front of ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles. They are waiting to die for their products, which are mainly produced in Asia. On average, according to the “Weld” report, they have to be patient for a week. And it leads Commodity restrictions and high inventory prices.

It was less than two months Christmas – Very profitable time for many companies. In fact Because of container congestion The worst Christmas quarter is threatening. That’s why the Logistics start-up leader called for a number of actions – with some success.

93 out of 100 cranes are inactive

“The circulatory system of our world economy has collapsed,” writes Ryan Peterson Twitter. Negative feedback makes things worse every day. On a port tour of Long Beach, he reported seeing 100 cranes, but only about seven unloaded containers.

The problem is that as many products as possible are re-manufactured in Asia, not the United States. This leads to many Empty containers parked in trucksBut was not allowed to die. Peterson explains that this should only happen in certain places. There is not enough space as further stacking is prohibited.

Conclusion: “Trucks store empty containers and cannot pick up any whole cargo in port.” At the port, there is no place to unload containers from ships. However, ships cannot carry empty ones.

Long Beach has now responded to the problem and one of Peterson’s demands: six empty containers can be stacked, creating space in the harbor, warehouses and trucks. In addition, large ports on the west coast of the United States can now operate 24 hours a day.

How to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones?

It remains to be seen whether this will save the Christmas business. Many companies have already taken their own steps. Amazon For example, it asks its customers who they are Gifts Order four weeks earlier than usual.

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