June 22, 2024

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China wants to connect Taiwan – vision

The war is raging in the western Pacific: China’s ruler Xi Jinping, 68, wants to invade and annex neighboring Taiwan. Taiwan is a democracy, and Beijing considers itself a separate province. After the civil war won by the Maoists in 1949, the defeated Chinese fled to the island and remained in the Republic of China. Taiwan is a democracy that has been thriving for thirty years, according to the International Code of Democracy, which is actually the best in Asia.

Citizens participate in annual online hackathons in which they can suggest improvements to their government: Ten million out of 23 million people. The country is tolerant and global; It was the first country in East Asia to introduce marriage to everyone. Although the younger generation came to their great grandparents island from China, there are no Chinese today. The differences for the next dictatorship are enormous.