April 15, 2024

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Brazil: Murdered daughter's parents fake missing


BrazilWanted Isabel's (3) parents stage a treacherous drama

Isabelle's parents' tears are fake: the couple pretending to be looking for their missing daughter kills her themselves.

Reto Polman
  • In Brazil, the mother and stepmother of a three-year-old child were searching for their daughter.

  • However, inconsistencies in their statements and surveillance videos led investigators to both of them.

  • The parents abused and killed the child. You face life imprisonment.

A heartbreaking incident occurred on March 4 when little Isabel suddenly disappeared from her parents' plantation in Indiaal, Brazil. His mother, Daniela Sehnem Bloom, and his stepfather frantically searched the neighborhood for the three-year-old, launching appeals on social media and repeatedly asking journalists for help in tears. Her pain seemed real, her longing for the missing girl deeply touching. But as RTL reports, there were darker intentions behind this facade.

Fake tragedy and conflicting statements

Because the mother's genuine demands turned out to be a sham. Isabelle's mother spoke to the camera with a trembling voice and tears in her eyes. But all this is part of a false plan.

Despite careful positioning and fictitious leads, investigators discovered the game of Isabelle's parents. Contradictions in the investigations and the testimony of a neighbor who heard suspicious noises put them on the right track. A surveillance camera provided crucial evidence: Isabelle's mother and stepfather were filmed dragging a suitcase behind them — a suitcase large enough to conceal the child.

Death was due to improper treatment

In the end, the stepmother was the first to confess to the murder. He reveals that they abused the child and Isabelle's death was the tragic result. The girl's body was hidden and later buried in a nearby forest.

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Isabelle's grandmother was deeply shocked by these revelations. Evidence suggests that Isabel is not safe at home; The youth welfare office was contacted several times but could not intervene as the couple was inaccessible. The family changed their home address several times. Any help came too late for Isabelle, but her brother found refuge with a foster family, far from the brutality of his parents. Now they face life imprisonment for their crimes.

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