May 24, 2024

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At present there is snowfall up to 700 meters

At present there is snowfall up to 700 meters

Now the winter weather is moving slowly in the lowlands too: there is already snow up to 700 meters.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • In places sheltered from the wind, snow is possible in low-lying areas today and Monday.
  • A moderate high on Tuesday and more fog-like clouds on Wednesday.
  • Saturday will see widespread rain again – and snow.

In the new week, Frau Hol shakes his pillows to the lowlands. Already on Monday it will snow below the lower elevations, however Snow range is mostly 700 meter. That statement “SRF Weather forecast». Accordingly, especially in places protected from the wind Flat ground with some snow will be counted.

There will be sunny spells from the west on Monday afternoon, but localized showers are still possible, especially in the east. In the morning the thermometer shows 1 degree, in the afternoon about 5 degrees. The weather below is unlikely to have snow.

On Tuesday we come under a medium high influence. Flat land has fog or heavy fog, otherwise sunny with some clouds. According to meteorologists SRF 2 to 6 degrees in the afternoon.

Low-lying areas will have more fog-like clouds on Wednesday. Some precipitation is also possible from this, so «SRF Weather forecast». On the other hand, it is very sunny, especially in the mountains and inner Alps. Temperatures are changing compared to Tuesday.

Weather: More snow in the lowlands on Saturday?

It was after an epic foot dry phase in the second half of the week. So, Thursday will be sunny at times and mostly dry. According to meteorologists, it is still uncertain whether the phone will continue on Friday.

Expecting snow in the lowlands?

Precipitation on Saturday is minimal – snow is definitely possible later Expected in low lying areas. How much, in fact, is still open. 6 degrees with a hair dryer, otherwise the maximum values ​​are above 0 degrees.

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