May 26, 2024

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America: The “monster” behind the wall turns out to be a giant beehive


AmericaChild hears “monster” on wall – mom makes crazy discovery

A family in America encounters a large swarm of bees. Earlier, the daughter thought there was a “monster” in her room.

Jonas Bucher
  • In an old farmhouse in Charlotte, North Carolina, a family discovered a large beehive with 50,000 bees behind the nursery wall.

  • The family's daughter heard noises in the night, which she described as “monsters.”

  • A beekeeper was called in and managed to locate the hive using a thermal imaging camera and remove 40,000 bees.

Parents made an incredible discovery in a more than 100-year-old farmhouse in Charlotte, North Carolina, after their daughter found what she described as “monsters” on her bedroom wall.

A closer inspection finally revealed a huge beehive with over 50,000 individuals behind the wall of the children's room. The insects are believed to have entered the building through a hole in the wall measuring approximately two centimetres. Since their infiltration, they work primarily at night in their hives, which are said to reach 45 kilograms in weight.

The room should be sealed

Ashley Massey's class first tried to calm her older daughter, who was talking about “monsters” on her bedroom wall. After the family noticed bees in their living room and contacted a pest control company, it turned out to be bees.

As People reports, a beekeeper used a thermal imaging camera to find the largest beehive. He managed to remove about 40,000 bees in the first two days. The rest of the nest will be removed in the coming days. The family must seal their daughter's room for the duration of the work.

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The queen should be transplanted

Ashley further explains that removing the bees is only possible by relocating their queen, a task the beekeeper has already successfully completed.

There are thousands of other insects in their home. She says: “A few thousand bees have died because their queen is no longer there, which is sad. We left the window open hoping the remaining bees would fly out.

A bill for $20,000

She also learned that bees can sting you even when they appear dead. “It's like walking through thousands of landmines. “We had to wear rubber boots to keep from being bitten,” Mom continued.

In addition to removing the bees and cleaning the room, the family now faces a bill of around $20,000 (about 18,000 francs). She needs to re-insulate the wall and replace the electrical wiring.

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