June 13, 2024

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Accused Lamborghini subsidiary wants to prove identity with DNA


DNA tracesThe accused Lamborghini subsidiary wants to prove identity with Rorli

A beautician has been claiming for years that she is the granddaughter of the founder of Lamborghini. Accused of defamation, he hired private investigators. They have now apparently found what they were looking for.

Felix Draper
  • Neapolitan beautician Flavia Porzone is convinced she is the illegitimate daughter of Lamborghini heir Donino.

  • Now he is said to have been in possession of a straw in which the DNA of his half-sister Elettra Lamborghini was found.

  • According to Porzone's lawyers, the conclusion is clear. Now the court will decide on this matter.

Flavia Porzone is no stranger to Italy: the 35-year-old Neapolitan beautician caused a stir in 2019 when she claimed on television and in popular magazines that she was the daughter of Donino Lamborghini. So the Italian will be the granddaughter of Ferruccio, the founder of the famous sports car and tractor brand, and the 29-year-old singer Elettra Lamborghini's sister.

Borzone claims his mother, opera singer Rosalba Colosimo, had an affair with Donino in the late 1980s when he was a 17-year-old. Lamborghini met Colosimo while waiting for the bus and Donino gave her a ride. He came out of this relationship in 1988. This would make her the half-sister of well-known singer Elettra Lamborghini. The claim made headlines — and earned the beautician a defamation lawsuit. In 2021, he was barred from further public comment on the allegation.

Is straw considered evidence in court?

The court in Bologna must now decide the question of the relationship between Flavia and the Lamborghini family. When the Lamborghini clan refused to submit to DNA testing, the Neapolitan hired four private detectives to prove his claims. While searching the junk of Elettra's Lamborghini, investigators seized a straw the singer used to drink a smoothie.

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According to Borzone's lawyers, the test proves that “our client and Elettra Lamborghini are sisters”. Lawyer Sergio Gulierzi also assures that “our intention is not to spoil Mr. Lamborghini's life”. All Flavia wants is to be recognized as Lamborghini's daughter. The family itself objects: “This hay came into their possession illegally, so there is no evidence,” they said through their lawyers.

“It's not about the money for her.”

A hearing is currently scheduled for March and a verdict is expected in June. According to her reports, Flavia Porzone has already met Donino Lamborghini in person. During this conversation, he reportedly admitted to having an affair with Lamborghini heiress Rosalpa Colosimo. Borzone allegedly recorded the confession secretly, but it is unlikely to be admissible as evidence in court. Colosimo's husband, the painter Amedeo Porzone, disowned her paternity.

Meanwhile, Rosalpa Colosimo, Flavia's mother, assures that her daughter is not in this fight for money: “She only wants the truth. If it was just about money, I would have done all this when Flavia was two years old.

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