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According to research, Russia may be behind it

According to research, Russia may be behind it

Vladimir Putin visited a military training center in the Tver region. He is currently testing a helicopter simulator here.Build: Keystone

For years, U.S. officials have puzzled over the cause of the strange brain injuries among U.S. diplomats. Now new research may shed light on the matter.

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It sounds like the plot of a crazy spy movie. US intelligence officials say the attacks are suspected to have been carried out by a mysterious weapon that targets the brain using sound stimulation. This results in dizziness, nausea and concussion symptoms. The allegations were first made public in 2014. Now research suggests there is actually something behind the alleged attacks America Antagonism can persist: Russia.

According to joint research by the American investigative magazine “60 Minutes”, the Russian online portal “The Insider” and the German magazine “Der Spiegel”, the health of American officials may have been affected by Russia's planned attacks. Secret service GRU. On behalf of the GRU, the special unit is said to have handed over attacks that may contain a weapon with microwave technology. Unit Name: 29155.

According to “The Insider,” 29155 is notorious for murders and sabotage of regime opponents on behalf of the Kremlin. As the magazine claims to have learned, members of the unit developed “immutable sonic weapons.” The term is used in Russian military jargon for weapons that use sound and radio waves and damage the victim's brain. Some members of the department have received awards and promotions for their research.

“It's the Russians, idiot,” my mother would have said.

Investigative network research by “60 Minutes”, “The Insider” and “Der Spiegel” attributed a threatening incident to the wife of a US Secret Service employee in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2021. Member of Unit 29155. Based on analysis of geolocation data, Russian agents were linked to similar attacks in various locations around the world.

A former U.S. military official who led the U.S. State Department investigation into the so-called Havana Syndrome case told 60 Minutes that it could be a global campaign by Russian military intelligence to eliminate U.S. intelligence officials. “If I tell my mother what I know about these cases, she will only say one thing: “It's the Russians, idiot!”

Havana syndrome is a group of confusing symptoms such as headaches, hearing loss, dizziness and nausea that have been reported by scores of US diplomats and their relatives living in the Cuban capital, Havana, since 2016. Similar complaints were later reported elsewhere around the world. Sufferers reported that symptoms appeared after a strange noise or feeling a strong pressure on the head.

It is important to recognize that the symptoms are real

The US government did not initially rule out the possibility that it could be some kind of attack. A year ago, according to an official report, most US intelligence agencies believed that a “foreign enemy” was not responsible for the so-called Havana syndrome. Conversely, reported complaints may be the result of previous illnesses, other illnesses, or environmental factors.

A team of researchers led by Leighton Chan at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) based in Bethesda, Maryland, studied 86 patients with Havana syndrome — government employees and their adult family members — over several years. Tests are usually done a few weeks to months after symptoms appear.

“We found you, we killed you”

The result: “There were no significant differences in many measures, except for objective and self-report measures of balance and fatigue, posttraumatic stress and depressive symptoms,” the scientists write. However, it is important to recognize that the symptoms are real and significantly impact the lives of sufferers, Chan said in a statement.

There is ample evidence that Putin's regime is persecuting and eliminating its opponents at home and abroad. Just a few weeks ago… Spain within one Ukraine Escaped Russian helicopter pilot assassinated in apartment building's underground parking garage. The criminals shot 29-year-old Maxim Kuzmino in the back. They are from Makarov, an arm of the Russian secret services.

“It's a clear message,” one of the Spanish investigators told the New York Times. “We will find you, kill you, destroy you, and humiliate you in the process,” it says.” Investigators suspect agents of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service SWU or GRU may have been behind the attack.

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