July 24, 2024

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A weight loss injectable pill will soon be available


MedicineOzempic Comes as a Pill – Will the Weight Loss Hype Get Bigger?

A study with weight loss pills is currently in its final stages. They should be as effective as existing injectable drugs.

Justin Arbor
  • Research on weight loss pills is currently in its final stages.

  • In the third phase, when it was taken for 68 weeks, there was a 15 percent weight loss.

  • The effect is as effective as the syringe.

Ozempic and Wegovy have been on everyone’s lips for months. Injections are considered a miracle cure for a slimmer figure. Strong demand leads to supply constraints. The hype may get even bigger now that the drug is expected to hit the market as a pill soon.

Among other things, the drug lowers blood sugar levels and ensures a better feeling of satiety. So they are also used by diabetics and overweight people. Users report that they feel less cravings after consuming alcohol or cigarettes, which may also be of interest to drug addicts.

What is the benefit of the pill?

“On the one hand, people who are averse to injections also benefit. On the other hand, general practitioners are more willing to prescribe pills than injections,” says Dimitris Papamargaritis, endocrinologist at the University of Leicester. “Sunday NZZ” Quoted. So it is expected that more people will use this medicine than they are now.

What do the first tests say?

Tests are more advanced in tablet form “Oral Chema” from Novo Nordisk. The Danish pharmaceutical company also produces Ozempic and Wegovy. Results of a phase III clinical trial showed that the pill led to a 15 percent weight loss over a 68-week period. This means it achieves the same results as the Vecovi Syringe.

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The tablets should be swallowed half an hour before breakfast on an empty stomach. It contains about 50 milligrams of the required active ingredient, so 20 times more than the high-dose Vecovi syringe. This is necessary for it to be as effective as the injection.

When will the pill arrive?

“NZZ am Sonntag” writes that the final tests with “Oral Sema” should be completed soon. So the new product is likely to be available in the market early next year.

What does the future of weight loss supplements look like?

According to experts, in the next few years, supplements with various active ingredients that can cause weight loss of up to 25 percent are expected to hit the market. “In addition to surgical procedures such as gastric bypass surgery, there are now very effective drugs that can actually be used to treat obesity,” says Philipp Gerber, a diabetes and obesity specialist at the University Hospital Zurich.

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