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County Recorder Terry Brown warns Franklin County residents about deed solicitation letter

COLUMBUS – Residents have contacted the Franklin County Recorder’s office expressing concern over a letter received from a company referring to themselves as “Record Transfer Services” in Thousand Oaks, CA. The company is offering to obtain a copy of your Current Grant Deed and Property Assessment Profile for a fee of $83.00. ...

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Ohio Medicaid to begin online family enrollment ahead of schedule

New eligibility system makes it easier for children and parents to access health coverage ...

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Not enough JobsOhio oversight?

State lawmakers created JobsOhio in 2011 in a bill containing sweeping exemptions from public records and ethics laws. ...

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Many Blacks will remain uninsured

Even if, the web portal for the federal health insurance exchange, worked perfectly, more than 5 million poor, uninsured adults, many of them Black, will continue to go without coverage ...

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