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Blacks Have Become Obsolete

Columbus Post guest columnist James Clingman discusses the state of Blacks ...

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Black workers stuck in poverty wages

WASHINGTON (NNPA) – As fast food and retail workers continue to march for higher wages, a new study by the Economic Policy Institute revealed that Blacks are more likely to earn poverty wages than Whites. ...

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Black male initiative must address structural racism

By Freddie Allen NNPA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NNPA) – If President Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative expands educational and work opportunities for young Black and Hispanic males, but fails to address the burdens of structural racism that threaten their lives, the program might not succeed, some community activists believe. “Let’s say they do all the right things, let’s say they e ...

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Temper expectations for My Brother’s Keeper

We’ve all heard the numbers and statistics. African American boys live disproportionately in poverty and suffer from academic gaps and fatherless homes. ...

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Gun violence aimed at Black males triggers concern

Several new studies confirm what most people have suspected all along: No group is harmed more by gun violence than young Black males. ...

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A retrospective of African Americans in the U.S. Military

Veteran’s Day Weekend, November 9 – 10, St. Paul AME Church will present a seminar, “African Americans in the U.S. Military, French and Indian War – Vietnam.” ...

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Case puts N-Word use among Blacks on trial

A Federal jury has rejected the argument that use of the N-word among Blacks can be culturally acceptable term of love and endearment, deciding its use in the workplace is hostile and discriminatory no matter what. ...

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Black clergy stand their ground against Zimmerman verdict

Just as they did during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, last Saturday’s demonstrations in more than 100 cities around the nation to protest the not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman ... ...

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