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The Newspaper Revolution has begun


Columbus Post

An Idea that was thought of by a former Knight Ridder (KRI) newspaper executive back in 1983 has led to the creation of a technological process that will Revolutionize and possibly “save” the Newspaper Industry!
Alan W. Sorter, now publisher & president of the Columbus Post Newspaper in Columbus, Ohio and Herman Raymond Thornton, manager of operations for the Columbus Post have created a business- to-business technological process that has/will change the way all newspapers and other print products will be produced and distributed for the next 400-500 years. The Electronic Home Delivery Program AKA The Chloe Process will Revolutionize the Newspaper production, presentation and distribution system by using a digital format to print and produce, and a digital platform to electronically dis- tribute a home-delivered newspaper directly to a reader via that person’s Email Address, anywhere in the world. Imagine no more wet newspapers, or send outs (2nd newspaper delivered to same customer for a mis-delivered news- paper) by car. Now to deliver up to 500,000 newspapers can be done in less than30minutes. And there are no more flat tires, broken down cars and trucks, ware- houses, printing presses, newsprint, ink and production plants needed, resulting in a very significant reduction in operating costs to run a Newspaper. Now, with the B- B Chloe technological process you just need a desk top computer or laptop, or tablet or smartphone to get everything required to produce, print, and distribute your newspapers via home delivery by Email to your readers. Sorter says his original goal was just to “make the newspaper ‘talk!'” Now, we have created a process that will Revolutionize and possibly save an entire Industry. Sorter says he knew making the newspaper ’talk’ would finally allow newspapers to compete with TV for video advertising (TV Commercials) and compete with Radio for Audio Advertising (Radio commercials). Now, in addition to selling print Ads, Newspapers will be able to do much of what TV does and show it in the newspaper, and what Radio does and play it in the newspaper. There is a New game in town, and the Chloe Process is Queen! Back in the day’ Sorter says he was an avid watcher of the Jetsons and would often sit and dream of things he could invent after watching an episode of The Jetsons. Then Sorter says, at a KRI marketing conference where he was speaking he mentioned his thought to one day “make the newspaper ‘talk!'” He says one of the conference participants said loudly that ‘this guy is crazy if he thinks he can make a newspaper talk.’ Sorter says he has always been a person driven by challenges and other people’s doubts and said it was then he told himself that he would not quit on that idea until he achieved that goal. At that time in 1983 when Sorter thought of his idea there were no comprehensive technology platforms in existence that could possibly make such an idea come true. That all changed many years later after 1999 with an accelerated technology evolution that continues today.
Sorter says after the modern Internet was born back in the late 1980s, early 1990s his idea sharpened, and later in the early 2000s when digital distribution platforms like MailChimp came into Existence he began to realize that one day his dream of making the Newspaper talk could become a reality.
Sorter says, 20 years after he first publicly revealed his desire, he bought the Columbus Post Newspaper in Columbus, OH which is where he met the guy he calls an IT Master talent, Herman Thornton “one of the best minds,” Sorter says, in the Information Systems Industry. Sorter and his IT Master Thornton got real serious in 2014-15 and began working daily to develop a way to “make the Newspaper ‘talk!'” Sorter says after years of trying everything he and Thornton could think of and just as he was beginning to think he would never make his dream come true, his mother got sick and passed away in February 2014. Sorter said he was so broken by her passing that he became consumed with the thought of achieving his dream and would stay awake 24 hours a day thinking of his dream and calling Thornton to discuss new things to try on his idea to get it to work. Sorter says he and Thornton had a break- through on the idea after Sorter prayed to GOD to give them an answer to an obstacle they had run into. Focused on it day and night and wanting to make his mother proud, and Sorter said he couldn’t quit and he didn’t.



To learn how to purchase the Chloe Process for your Newspaper and obtain other beneficial tools to enhance your experience in transitioning from the over 400- year-old newsprint and ink process to the much more environmentally protective and safe Chloe technological process, beginning on Thursday, November 30, 2017, visit

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