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Obama Presidential Center Envisioned as Economic Engine to Revitalize Chicago’s South Side

Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday showed off a model of the Obama Presidential Center, which will honor the nation’s first African-American president ...

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U.S. blasts Syria base with cruise missiles

The United States fired a barrage of cruise missiles into Syria Thursday night in retaliation for this week's gruesome chemical weapons attack against civilians, ...

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Debate on Sessions Nomination explodes over Coretta Scott King letter

On Tuesday, February 7, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) recited the words of a letter authored by Coretta Scott King, the late widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that's been in the Senate record for over 20 years, the drama hit an all-new level. ...

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The Latest: Trump fires acting attorney general

President Donald Trump has fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she announced she would not defend his controversial immigration order. ...

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