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A Letter to Barack Obama (Originally published on March 6, 2008)

A Letter to Barack Obama (Originally published on March 6, 2008)

Dear Barack,

You have embarked upon a historic, unprecedented journey. One which many of us never believed we would see in our lifetime. You have run a respectful and respectable campaign and we are proud of you. Continue to stay above the fray – no matter the accusation; no matter the challenge.

As you continue your march to the White House, here are a few things we want you to keep in mind:

• Remain steadfast in your faith and infinite in your thinking. The message of change you speak, we hear. We are ready to implement this change with you.

• When attacks come, like the one that attempts to associate your middle name with Saddam Hussein, remind people of the late King Hussein of Jordan – one of our most respected Middle East allies. We live in a country where one’s reputation defines his name. Your name is one of honor.

• During those moments when you are tired and frustrated, remember God has given you a prescription for success. He has chosen you to “Lead” America and help change the world we live in. Once you have done all that you can – just stand!

• Your current Democratic opponent has run a campaign of an applicant for a job. You, however, are asking to be our Leader! And that’s what this country needs – Leadership – not someone who will just dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s.” We hire people to do jobs – Leaders are born!

• Although your biological father left you when you were two, the Father who made you has always been there to see you through. Generations ago He planted a seed in your ancestors that today we know as Barack Obama. Your father did what the Heavenly Father needed him to do – give life to you.

• In 2004, when you gave your speech at the Democratic National Convention, the country knew then that there was something different about you. Something very special! Now we see what is possible for us as a nation and the impact it could have on our world. So we encourage you, Barack, to soldier on.

• I suspect some have asked you why when you’re attacked by your opponents in the Clinton campaign, you don’t bring up her more than 12 years of being associated with scandals and the resulting baggage that our country is still recovering from today. As my mother would say, “It’s because you were raised right.” You understand who you are and whose you are. And you operate on a plane many of us only wish we could. You truly understand God’s love for us and the love He wants us to have for one another.

Barack, your message has been the same from Day One. You spoke of hope and change then. You speak of hope and change now. You inspired us to want more from our government then. You offer us more now. You reminded us that dreams can make a difference then. You offer us that difference now.

That’s what Leaders do and how they do it. They build – they don’t destroy. They motivate – they don’t deflate. They offer ideas – then they lead others to make them a reality.

Senator Barack Obama, you have done well. We look forward to the day when we will call you, Mr. President!

Alan W. Sorter
Publisher & President
Columbus Post


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