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Affordable Care Act only chips away at a core goal

Swan Lockett had high hopes that President Barack Obama's health overhaul would lead her family to an affordable insurance plan, but that hasn't happened. ...

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Beyond the speech

President Obama’s recent remarks regarding voting rights seem to have excited supporters who have wanted acknowledgement of legal attacks at the polls. ...

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Meechie – Women In!!!

To fix our politics... ...

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Finally – Heat!

With temperatures reaching into the 70s, Columbusites finally are shaking off the winter blahs and enjoying the outdoors ...

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Meechie – Black Businesses

It almost seems as though we don't really support our black businesses ...

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Many Ohio school districts see enrollments drop

Many Ohio school districts are seeing declining enrollment as the state's younger population goes down ...

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Rising above his flaws

With the pending anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, the decades long debate about the effectiveness and even necessity of the law continues. ...

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The power of the Black Press

Whenever there is a steady series of public questions being raised about the “power” of Black Americans ...

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The Privileged Perch

Ta-Nehisi Coates, the Atlantic writer, inadvertently triggered controversy among his fellow pundits and their audiences ...

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