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Our Voice – Guarding our Depiction

In her new autobiography, Spirit Rising, the Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo writes of her dismay over her interactions with Americans who were shocked by her educated poise and non-primitive ways. ...

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Meechie – Sit, Walk, Run

A proud message from Meechie ...

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Meechie – I can’t watch

I can't watch .... ...

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Amiri Baraka

When the poet and writer Amiri Baraka passed away last week after a short illness, obituaries in mainstream papers frequently used descriptions such as controversial and polarizing. ...

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Lawyers for S.C. teen executed in 1944 have new info

Stinney, who was black, was executed just 84 days after the two white girls were killed in Jim Crow-era South Carolina, where the legal system routinely found blacks guilty even in cases with scant evidence. ...

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Meechie – Quiz Time

Which one would you be willing to give up forever? ...

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Meechie – My Republican friend

Johnny, my Republican friend, why is it that you don't like President Obama? ...

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Extend unemployment benefits

As the world celebrated the start of 2014, a number of Americans were experiencing anxiety over what the future will bring. ...

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