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Meechie – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! ...

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Reducing infant mortality

For decades, numerous studies have shown that there are significant gaps in health issues between African Americans and other groups. ...

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Meechie – I got to work?!

What? You mean I have to do some work?! ...

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Renisha McBride

Less than six months after the killer of teenager Trayvon Martin was acquitted by a Florida jury, new outrage is being expressed over the murder of a young woman ...

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Lessons of the Levy

Despite a $2.5 million campaign by its high profile supporters, levies 50 and 51 were overwhelmingly defeated during election night last week. ...

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First lady to delve into education initiative

Michelle Obama is joining President Barack Obama's efforts to get the United States on track... ...

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Meechie – Men Fight – Women get it right!

Meechie - Men Fight - Women get it right! ...

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Our Voice – Reflecting the city

Thirty-eight years after a 1975 federal court mandate ordered the city of Columbus to hire more black firefighters, Mayor Michael Coleman has issued a directive to increase diversity in the fire and police forces. ...

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Meechie – The American People – Priceless!

Congress - useless! ...

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