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Officers Cleared in ‘Profiling’ at Mall – Report (Article 3 originally published September 25, 2003)

“Mr. Sorter’s refusal to leave the property along with the confrontational and threatening comments he made to the officers, clearly was not the actions of a man who was ...

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One Officer Suspended, Another Resigns, in ‘Profiling’ at Mall (Article 2 originally published September 18, 2003)

One mall security officer has been suspended and a second has resigned in connection with the alleged racial profiling of Freedom Media Group president Alan W. Sorter at City Center mall ...

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Profiled or Just Disrespected? (Article 1 originally published September 11, 2003)

As president of the company that now owns the Columbus Post, I’d left my office in downtown Columbus dozens of times since coming to Columbus in May to go to City Center Mall ...

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